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Mini 01: Facilitating Creative Thinking

John Losey, Consultant/Facilitator, IntoWisdom Group, and Praxis Training

Mini 02: Top Tips for You and Your Support Network to Survive, Thrive, and Arrive at a Completed Dissertation *

Dr. Don Scott, Director of Advising and Retention Services, Brandman University

Dr. Linda Carvalho-Cooley Communication Professor, Reedley College , Lecturer, California State University, Fresno

Mini 03: Conversational Leadership: Behaviors to Increase Employee Engagement and Motivation in Any Organization

Dr. Kristin Baranski, Superintendent, Santee School District

Dr. Jennifer LaBounty, Student Services Director and Professor, Fullerton College

Dr. Lisa Paisley, Principal and Coordinator, Saddleback Valley Unified School District

Mini 04: Best Practices for Turning Your Research into a Relevant and Engaging Conference Presentation

Dr. Laura M. Galloway, Assistant Professor, Business and Professional Studies

Mini 05: Practical Approaches to Providing Ethical Leadership *

Dr. George Giokaris, Adjunct Doctoral Professor of Education, Brandman University

Mini 06: Creating Your Synthesis Matrix Using Google Drive *

Dr. Manuel De La Torre, Facility Services Specialist, Brandman University San Diego Campus

Dr. Cathy M. Powalski, Department of Defense Management Analyst (Retired), Lieutenant Colonel, U.S. Marine Corps Reserves (Retired)

Mini 07: Diversity Conversations: The State of Diversity and Identity

Dr. Carlos V. Guzman, Brandman University, Professor of Education

Mini 08: Navigating Away from the ABD Track When You Encounter Life's Unexpected Pitfalls *

Dr. Lisbeth Johnson, Retired Superintendent, Cohort Mentor, Brandman University

Dr. Michaelle Knight, Leadership Consultant & Instructional Designer

Mini 09: Comprehending Community Colleges, and the Art and Science of Applying

Dr. Kate Mueller, Adjunct Faculty, Brandman University and Vice President of Student Services, Coastline Community College

Dr. Derek Vergara, Adjunct Faculty, Brandman University and Dean of Students, Orange Coast College

Mini 10: Women in Leadership: Breaking the Unwritten Codes That Sabotage Personal and Professional Lives

Dr. Marilou Ryder, Professor of Education, Brandman University

Mini 11: Branding Yourself as a Transformational Leader

Dr. Martinrex Kedziora, Superintendent, Moreno Valley USD

Dr. Lafaye Platter, Retired Deputy Superintendent-Human Resources, Hemet USD