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Grand Ballroom Foyer

Start Date

1-9-2018 7:00 AM

End Date

1-9-2018 8:00 AM


Etas and Zetas


Please note, Immersion is a public event that is videotaped, photographed and recorded for personal and commercial use. By participating in and/or attending, you give Brandman University permission to use visual images (photo, video, digital in any form) of you for any lawful purpose related to the university’s business activities, including marketing, advertising, and promotion. By participating and/or attending this event, you understand that you have waived any rights that you may have to inspect or approve of the images or wording in the final product that may be used in connection with the university’s business activities.

Session Handouts and PowerPoints

Zeta EdD Timeline.pdf (70 kB)
Fall 2018 Immersion Agenda.pdf (382 kB)


Sep 1st, 7:00 AM Sep 1st, 8:00 AM

Registration and Breakfast *

Grand Ballroom Foyer